Train to Mumbai from Delhi

Mumbai known as the city of dreams and dreamers needs no introduction for itself. The city is a great combination for a flamboyant film industry as well as some of Asia’s largest slums; the city attracts lot of its tourists from all over the country and globe alike. Mumbai is greatly well linked with the rest of the country by a strong mode of transport of flights, trains and buses. Mumbai airport known as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the second busiest airport in India. It connects the city with major cities in India as well as abroad. Mumbai also provides excellent road connectivity by state and private buses from major neighboring towns.

By air

Mumbai Airport or Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, located around 30 km away from the heart of the city, is considered one of the busiest airports in India. It is spread across an area of 1,850 acres; the airport handles more than 800 airplane movements on a day to day basis. There are direct flights from New Delhi to Mumbai taking approximately two hours. After reaching the airport, tourist can hire taxis from outside to reach the destination in Mumbai.

By Bus

Mumbai Central Bus Station is situated in the heart of Mumbai, is the main bus terminus in the city. Buses of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation operate from here and provide frequent luxury, semi-luxury, express and passenger to make their journey memorable one.The driving distance between Mumbai and New Delhi is 1407 km Delhi to Mumbai and it will take at least 22hours by road and will cost you at least 7025 of fuel! The temperatures at this time of the day are in a comfortable range so you can enjoy this driving experience.

 By train

Mumbai is well connected with other parts of the country by a huge network of trains. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Mumbai Central Station are the two major railway station from where frequent trains from delhi run. Apart of  these  major railheads, there are some others such as Dadar Railway Station and Kalyani Railway Station helping to travel to or from the city of Mumbai. Buses, cabs and taxis are easily available from outside the railway stations to reach your destination. There are 35 direct train(s) from Mumbai to New Delhi. These train(s) are , Mumbai Rajdhani (12951), Nzm Garib Rath (12909), Aug Kr Raj Exp (12953), Bdts Nzm Yuva E (12247), Swaraj Express (12471) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach New Delhi from Mumbai is 15h 01m and is convenient.

Thus you can choose the mode of transport according to your suitability and money that you want to spend. Mumbai and Delhi are easily connected to it other so it will not be a difficult task to reach at your desired place.

Explore the adventure of real rafting in Goa

Real rafting in Goa

From bachelors to family oriented people, Goa is a go-to destination for all. Located on the western coast of our country, it is the most preferred holiday destination. It is filled with Hindu and Catholic population and has a rich historical and cultural enigma. Goans are the most welcoming of them all.

With beaches and local markets spread across the stretches of the state, it is a shrine for party-holics. If not for the beaches go for the intricate architectural details that the monuments and buildings possess. Built during early colonial times, the place will leave you in awe.

In monsoon season after the rain atmosphere of Goa is totally different. Moving to the beaches to offer you the first rafting operation in India. October to May is the perfect time to go to the beaches of Goa and try one of our professional rafts on the waves of ASHWEM BEACH, North Goa! Goa Rafting, Goa Kayaking, Atlantis Watersports, Adventure breaks Kayaking bases etc. Are some of the companies that take your kicks to the beach in a fun session of Sea Rafting. A unique experience in Rafting. All one needs for this is the courage, wisdom and the presence of mind to get through the entire stretch of water without putting one’s life in danger.

The rafting goes on in various time slots. The packages vary too whether you require prior training or not. One must sign a few forms and get oneself registered pre-hand so that there are no issues during the season as rafting is nearly jam-packed during the hyped season. The timings start mostly from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the daytime for better visibility.

Some basic rules one must keep in mind while registering is that children below 10 years of age are not allowed. One must carry a comfortable shirt and pair of shorts with them. Sneakers or fixed sandals are allowed, any other kind of footwear especially slippers are not allowed. As you reach the location, the instructors will brief you about the instructions and precautions. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing any contract or agreement with the organisation.

So, it’s time to pick up your raft and we will see you all on the beach. Goa has hotels for every need, so just be there to have fun.

8 Tips For Traveling Cheaply And Saving Money

Being a frequent traveler, I know the biggest hurdle travelers come across is traveling under a budget, no matter how much you plan and calculate you end up spending more than the estimated budget. Well, here are my top eight money saving tips for novice travelers planning an overseas trip.

1. According to my observation dinners is the most expensive meals of the day, since it’s the last meal before you go to the bed its usually expensive. I will recommend that you have the main meal of the day during lunch time because you will get lots of food for less money. For dinner you can opt for a light snack or street food.

2. When it comes to accommodation I find apartments the best in terms of comfort and money, plus you get your own kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself this helps in cutting the food costs.

3. When you are traveling through one airline use your collected miles for getting a free ticket, if you are running low on miles then buy some from online websites who sell air miles.

4. Trust me unless you don’t have a local SIM card don’t turn on the data roaming you will burn money in just uploading a selfie or checking a few messages, instead check with your hotel if they offer free Wi-Fi or go to a coffee shop and enjoy their free Wi-Fi.

5. If you are staying at a tropical resort then one thing is for sure that you will be getting the best accommodation facilities, but the drinks and food prices will be more than normal.
6. If you are buying travel insurance policy for each of your trip, then you are doing it the wrong way, the best way to get a travel insurance policy is by getting it for the whole year this way you save a lot of money even if you travel only twice in a year.

7. If you are staying in a hotel and the food service is pretty expensive, here is a cool hack for you, go to the local grocery store, buy the supplies and head for the nearest picnic point or parks they have iron grills fixed there do your cooking and enjoy an open air meal.

8. Drink tap water, it’s free and mostly safe in foreign countries, mineral water comes with a price tag and can cost a few hundred dollars if you keep on purchasing it.


4 Interesting Tips On Saving Money While Traveling

Every traveler doesn’t possess the skills of being a budget traveler, previously when I used to travel I used to follow a strict budget, but then I realized that traveling under budget pressure often ruins the fun for you. It’s not necessary to keep a watch at your finances while traveling. All of us have invented our own ways of keeping our money safe with us.

I always believe that when you are traveling you should not put restraints on yourself. You travel for fun and enjoyment, so if you want to have a nice meal outside or do some shopping for enjoyment then do not limit yourself.

A good way to save money is by purchasing buy one get one ticket offers, because with such deals you can save money. Here are some tips which I follow when traveling.

Open WI-FI

Nowadays you can find free internet WI-FI connections no matter where you go to. An internet booth can cost you $3 per hour for usage of the internet and if you use it on a regular basis for work then these dollars can start adding up quickly. The best way to use free internet is use the WI-FI service of your hotel or you can head up to a local café or restaurant and enjoy free internet. You can order a cup of coffee and snacks for $10 and enjoy free internet for as long as you want.

Useful Tip – If you don’t even want to pay for the coffee you can sit in the parking area of McDonald’s and check your messages and emails.


Spending money on a taxi and bus rides is just another addition to the expenditure, it will be best if you hitchhike. Hitchhiking is very common in many countries you can ask for a lift if you are heading to a nearby town or area. Hitchhiking is the best way to get friendly with the locals; you can toss your thumb in the air and get a lift from the next ride coming your way. If for some reason you aren’t comfortable in hitchhiking then don’t take a lift and go with the traditional way of traveling, hire a taxi.

Useful Tip – If you are traveling to Iran, never put your thumb in the air because for them it means the same thing as the middle finger.

Off Season Travel

The best way to save money is by traveling in the off-season period, many hostels and hotels reduce the prices of the lodgings. Similarly, travel agencies and tourist guides also lower their cost during the off-peak season. This is the best time to travel if you are flexible with weather conditions and other things, because traveling in the off-season can help you in saving money.

Refine Your Bargaining Skills

When traveling there is no chance that you won’t do shopping. You will shop to buy gifts and souvenirs for friends and family, so it’s best that you refine your bargaining skills. If you think that the retailers may reduce the price if you bargain with him, then there is no harm in negotiating. But when bargaining remember to be as polite and humble as possible.


What’s the Point of Traveling?

This is a question that every serious traveler should ask themselves at some point: “Why do you travel?”

Traveling is the gateway to the world. It is a means to see other cultures, different ways of doing things, recognizing your insignificance in the grand scheme of things; and allows you to come out the other end a more well rounded person.

Traveling challenges everything you thought you believed. It forces you to recognize that there are different ways of doing “simple” life tasks, and realizing that no way is better than another. In Europe for example, they typically air dry clothes; Spain takes naps in the middle of the day; the Chinese have made education a lifestyle. None of these concepts are better or worse ways of doing things… they are just different!

Travel is humbling. You find yourself looking back to everything you thought you knew about life, and re-assessing life through different eyes.

Travel comes with adventures and thrills! Life is never boring on the road, and through traveling you may become the person you want to be in life.

Through travel you will discover what is inherently important to humans everywhere. It gives you a front row seat to the qualities and priorities that everyone has. Family, food, work, and fun are important to all cultures! People are inherently interested in bettering themselves, taking care of their families, valuing friendships, and appreciating those things that make life easier.

Traveling crushes ecocentrism. It destroys egocentrism. It is enlightening and empowering and legitimizes human emotion. The world is full of unknowns, violence, misunderstandings, war, and poverty… but through traveling, we may draw our own conclusions. No longer does can biased news networks and propaganda machines tell you that your culture is blindly better than the rest of the world. There are positive attributes to every society and none of them have figured out the end-all answers.

Life will go on and people will strive for happiness everywhere. Through traveling you will gain perspective that no one can take away. Traveling gives you the power to say, “I have seen the world that you think you know. I have experienced the culture that you think is subordinate to yours. I have loved the people that you think you are better than.”

Traveling is the great equalizer. It is exciting, enlightening, humbling, and powerful. You will feel happier when you travel and feel more connected to your fellow humans. Travel for travel’s sake because at the end of the day, it will bring a smile to your face.


5 Tips to Limit Expenses When Traveling

The internet is jam-packed with information on how to save on airfares, how to find discounts for hotel rooms, how to find car rental services, and the like. This allows you to save a little more cash for your pocket money. However, there are some people who wish to reduce the amount they spend at the destination itself. If you’re one of those who would rather soak the sights, sounds, and culture of the place you’re visiting instead of splurging in material things, then you’ll need to know how to control your on-site expenses.

Don’t Take Cabs
The only times you should be taking cabs is when you first arrive at your destination and if it’s really late at night to walk to your hotel room. It is a lot cheaper to use the local transportation systems than taking a cab. Regardless of where you go, most cabs will not use the meter and overcharge you when they know you’re a tourist. Try to learn the ins and outs of local transports by talking to locals and you’ll be saving a lot.

Talk to Locals
Transportation costs aren’t the only thing you save when talking to the locals. Strike up a conversation with them and ask them where the nearest cheap fast food restaurant is, for instance. If you’re hungry, grab some street food for snacks as they tend to be cheaper.

Temporary Homes
Hotels are the standard temporary dwellings in vacations. Bu if you’re staying for at least a week or two, you’re better off staying in temporary homes. Most destinations have vacation homes or serviced apartments that you can use. These act as pretty much secondary homes or apartments, giving you a lot more freedom than what you’d find in hotels. Some serviced apartments, for instance, allow you to cook your own meals. Going to the local grocery store and whipping up your own food is a great way to minimize spending.

Bring Limited Cash
When on vacation, take only a few bills. This doesn’t mean you have to rely on your credit card – leave it in your room along with your cash. Just bring enough cash to cover for any amenities, meals, and transportation fares.

One thing to remember about vacations is that the tourist spots you’re visiting are just that – tourist spots. Within those areas, everything is a lot more expensive. For instance, when in a beach, try to look for food outside the immediate vicinity and you’ll find that it’s a lot cheaper there.


The Road Trip Vacation

An exciting way to spend your vacation is to take a road trip. Many of us are in love with our cars, washing, waxing, and polishing them until they are gleaming bright. Well, for a road trip, they need to run as hassle free as possible.

To do so, you need to give your car a good over all inspection. How are the tires, the depth of the tread, the tire pressure? Is it time to have the tires rotated? What condition is the spare tire in? You don’t want to wait until you get a flat tire and then find out the spare tire is missing or needs air. Also, before you head out on the road for your vacation you need the check the battery, look over the timing belt for cracks and signs of wear and tare. Check the oil and change it along with the oil filter, check the air cleaner and filter, along with other fluids as well. Fluids like coolant, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and the wiper blades. Inside the car you should run the air conditioner and heater too.

After you car is operating at peak performance, there are other safety options to consider. Do you have jumper cables, a blanket, flashlight, road flares and a working jack? Plus, a basic toolbox is nice to have as well, with wrenches, screwdrivers, and maybe a breaker bar. All of these will ensure a safe worry free road trip vacation.

Now you need to determine what your vacation destination is and the length of stay. Are you going on a day trip, for the weekend, a week, or longer? Who will be driving? Do you have one or multiple drivers? What are the age ranges of the passengers accompanying you? Are they all adult or are you taking children as well? Prepare for stops along the way to stretch, eat and fuel up. Don’t to forget to think of some games to play and bring water and snacks. A pillow or two may be welcomed as well. Something else to have on hand is spare change for Toll Roads. There is nothing worse than facing a Toll Booth with no change on hand, although most have an attendant on duty in at least one lane.

Taking a road trip can be a fun relaxing vacation experience, if it is thoughtfully planned out. It has also become easier than ever to stay on course with the help of navigation equipment that can be bought or most likely factory installed in modern cars. So, if it’s a drive to Grandma’s, an amusement park, or an educational adventure that awaits. The road trip vacation, can bean enjoyable inexpensive way to achieve a refreshing change of scenery.


How To Travel On A Limited Budget

If you’re travelling on a limited budget whether it is to Dubai or another travel destination the planning you do before leaving home is just as important as what you do once you get to your travel destination. Make sure you have considered carefully which travel & leisure destination to pick. Gather as many travel destination tips as you can from travel & tourism sites online. For example in 2013 Toronto, Turkey and Ko Phi Phi in Thailand are all good choices for those on a tight travel budget. Make sure you have done your research and looked into all the travel & tourism options available.

Travel & Tourism Transport On A Limited Budget 
If you’re planning on flying to your travel destination then look out for special deals online and remember that booking at the last minute or booking too early is always more expensive. The best time to book is about three weeks before you fly. If you’re going to be using rail travels look into tickets which give you multiple journeys or discount tickets like the Eurorail Pass if your travel & leisure destination is in Europe. If you’ll be using buses to get around, each city has its own multi-ride bus ticket. In the USA you can use one of the long distance bus companies like Megabus and Greyhound, both of which offer very low cost tickets. Car rental is usually not a good budget option if you’re staying in one city. If you’re planning to spend your vacation exploring the rural areas, driving around a whole country or visiting places outside the cities (like the desert attractions outside of Dubai city center) then a rental car may be a practical option.

Where To Stay On A Limited Travel & Leisure Budget
Although the obvious destination tips for travel & tourism low cost accommodation is to stay in hostels there are other options. You can share a room in a nice hotel with a friend to split costs; look out for hotel deals on travel & leisure sites; stay in a Zimmer/bed & breakfast or stay further out of the city center where accommodation prices are a lot cheaper. There are hotel deals like “third night free” which can work out to be cheaper than 3 nights in a cheaper hotel. You’ll find a good quality inn or guesthouse will be more pleasant than a 2 star hotel. As a general travel destination tip, hotel accommodation around the city train station is usually cheaper than staying in the city center. Even in travel destinations like Dubai you can find reasonable accommodation if you look in the right places. On what to do in Dubai check out Internet travel forums for tips from other travellers or people in the travel & tourism industry.

Travel & Leisure Attractions On A Limited Budget
You’ll find that most museums and some other travel & tourism attractions have “free days”, for example in the evening one day a week or on the last Sunday of each month. Plan your trip around these free days. Make sure you’re eligible for any discounts (according to your age for example). Buy multi-attraction tickets which get you discounts for several travel & leisure attractions. Even in the most expensive travel destinations there are multi-attraction tickets for thrifty travellers.


Tips on Backpacking for Beginners

Backpacking is a low-cost travel and a fun way to enjoy the beauty of the world. It is travelling with simplicity, taking all unnecessary off your travel and enjoying the things that really matters: experience and adventure.

When backpacking, take note that you should make your carrying equipment as light as possible. It is advisable that your backpack, sleeping bag, and tent should be five pounds or less combined. The reason behind this is that you don’t want your luggage to become a hindrance once you go hiking. It will also become a reason that you won’t explore the place well enough. Also, you want to avoid having back aches. In some rare occasions, carrying a heavy luggage can be detrimental to your health.

You can become a backpacker even if you’re doing it for the first time. If you’re in for some adventure and be a backpacker, here are some backpacking tips for beginners:

Plan Ahead

You always have to plan ahead before traveling. You have to research well on what kind of environment you will be in. So before leaving to your destination, always check the weather condition and be acquainted on the nature of the terrain. In this way, you’ll become more prepared. Also, always bring a map of the trail.

As a beginner, you should start with a short one to two day adventure. You can go travel to a local tourist site or you could opt to travel to a nearby country.

What to Bring

As stated earlier, you should make your carrying equipment as light as possible. It is recommended that your sleeping bag, tent and backpack should be five pounds or less combined. When backpacking, you should put your safety as your priority so don’t bring unnecessary things. You should only bring things that will help you survive. Food, water, clothes, waterproof matches, first aid kit, knife, map of the trail, compass, flashlight, extra money and a whistle for emergency situations are some of the things that you should bring. Other things that you could bring are umbrellas, jackets, sunblock and a camera.

Don’t bring too much food. Bring only an extra meal or two. Also, pack your things ahead of time. Make a checklist of the things that you need to bring and double check so that you won’t forget anything.

Basic Outdoor Survival Knowledge and Skills

If you travel for an adventure as a group, it should be necessary to have at least one or two in the group who have the skills and knowledge in outdoor survival. You’ll never know what you’ll experience along the way so it’s imperative to have basic knowledge and skills on outdoor survival like knowing how to do first aid and treating a snake bite.

Go backpacking now with your friends and create your own experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. It is what T.S Elliot said “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far can one go”. Travel and see how far you can go.


Holidays For Less

Everyone deserves a vacation every now and then, an opportunity to get away from it all to relax and recharge their batteries, but the problem is that it costs too much. Once you add up the expenses associated with flights, accommodation, transportation, activities and attractions, it becomes a huge amount. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case if you act intelligently and follow a few suggestions:

Shop online: The internet is the most excellent place to find cheap deals on a vacation. You have the choice of nearly every holiday provider in the world, meaning you can instantly find the best possible deal. There is a huge range of websites that aggregate hotels, flights and things such as car hire to offer brilliant packages and save you both time and money. You are more likely to enjoy great savings if you book all parts of your vacation with the same provider.

Choose accommodation wisely: There is no need to stay at an ultra luxury hotel in order to get the best experience out of your vacation. In today’s tough economic times, more and more travellers are opting for caravanning or camping. Not only is it much cheaper than a hotel, but can also offer loads of fun, especially if you have children. However, if you are not a fan of camping, another option is to stay at a hostel. Many hostels nowadays have rooms for couples and families in addition to traditional dormitory-style rooms.

Go off-season: Winter may be the best time to go to the Caribbean whereas summer is great in Europe. For budget travellers, the most appropriate time to visit any destination is the shoulder season i.e. just after or before peak season. The weather is brilliant, prices are low, restaurants and shops are open and delighted to have you, and there are fewer travellers around.

Book late: Airline tickets tend to cost considerably more when you book at the last minute. However, the same is not true for every aspect of travel. Book tours and cruises late and it can easily help you save up to 25%. Nobody wants to run an empty sightseeing tour or send out a half-full ship, so companies are keen to fill in any unsold spaces. The best way to get a good deal is to book a couple of weeks before the departure date. On the contrary, booking far in advance (for instance 12 months or more) can also allow you to find a superb deal.

Of course, you can ignore all these tips and simply visit your nearest travel operator and book the first holiday you come across. But in that case you will be spending more than what is necessary. Just a bit of planning and preparation can save you a great deal of money.