4 Interesting Tips On Saving Money While Traveling

Every traveler doesn’t possess the skills of being a budget traveler, previously when I used to travel I used to follow a strict budget, but then I realized that traveling under budget pressure often ruins the fun for you. It’s not necessary to keep a watch at your finances while traveling. All of us have invented our own ways of keeping our money safe with us.

I always believe that when you are traveling you should not put restraints on yourself. You travel for fun and enjoyment, so if you want to have a nice meal outside or do some shopping for enjoyment then do not limit yourself.

A good way to save money is by purchasing buy one get one ticket offers, because with such deals you can save money. Here are some tips which I follow when traveling.

Open WI-FI

Nowadays you can find free internet WI-FI connections no matter where you go to. An internet booth can cost you $3 per hour for usage of the internet and if you use it on a regular basis for work then these dollars can start adding up quickly. The best way to use free internet is use the WI-FI service of your hotel or you can head up to a local café or restaurant and enjoy free internet. You can order a cup of coffee and snacks for $10 and enjoy free internet for as long as you want.

Useful Tip – If you don’t even want to pay for the coffee you can sit in the parking area of McDonald’s and check your messages and emails.


Spending money on a taxi and bus rides is just another addition to the expenditure, it will be best if you hitchhike. Hitchhiking is very common in many countries you can ask for a lift if you are heading to a nearby town or area. Hitchhiking is the best way to get friendly with the locals; you can toss your thumb in the air and get a lift from the next ride coming your way. If for some reason you aren’t comfortable in hitchhiking then don’t take a lift and go with the traditional way of traveling, hire a taxi.

Useful Tip – If you are traveling to Iran, never put your thumb in the air because for them it means the same thing as the middle finger.

Off Season Travel

The best way to save money is by traveling in the off-season period, many hostels and hotels reduce the prices of the lodgings. Similarly, travel agencies and tourist guides also lower their cost during the off-peak season. This is the best time to travel if you are flexible with weather conditions and other things, because traveling in the off-season can help you in saving money.

Refine Your Bargaining Skills

When traveling there is no chance that you won’t do shopping. You will shop to buy gifts and souvenirs for friends and family, so it’s best that you refine your bargaining skills. If you think that the retailers may reduce the price if you bargain with him, then there is no harm in negotiating. But when bargaining remember to be as polite and humble as possible.


What’s the Point of Traveling?

This is a question that every serious traveler should ask themselves at some point: “Why do you travel?”

Traveling is the gateway to the world. It is a means to see other cultures, different ways of doing things, recognizing your insignificance in the grand scheme of things; and allows you to come out the other end a more well rounded person.

Traveling challenges everything you thought you believed. It forces you to recognize that there are different ways of doing “simple” life tasks, and realizing that no way is better than another. In Europe for example, they typically air dry clothes; Spain takes naps in the middle of the day; the Chinese have made education a lifestyle. None of these concepts are better or worse ways of doing things… they are just different!

Travel is humbling. You find yourself looking back to everything you thought you knew about life, and re-assessing life through different eyes.

Travel comes with adventures and thrills! Life is never boring on the road, and through traveling you may become the person you want to be in life.

Through travel you will discover what is inherently important to humans everywhere. It gives you a front row seat to the qualities and priorities that everyone has. Family, food, work, and fun are important to all cultures! People are inherently interested in bettering themselves, taking care of their families, valuing friendships, and appreciating those things that make life easier.

Traveling crushes ecocentrism. It destroys egocentrism. It is enlightening and empowering and legitimizes human emotion. The world is full of unknowns, violence, misunderstandings, war, and poverty… but through traveling, we may draw our own conclusions. No longer does can biased news networks and propaganda machines tell you that your culture is blindly better than the rest of the world. There are positive attributes to every society and none of them have figured out the end-all answers.

Life will go on and people will strive for happiness everywhere. Through traveling you will gain perspective that no one can take away. Traveling gives you the power to say, “I have seen the world that you think you know. I have experienced the culture that you think is subordinate to yours. I have loved the people that you think you are better than.”

Traveling is the great equalizer. It is exciting, enlightening, humbling, and powerful. You will feel happier when you travel and feel more connected to your fellow humans. Travel for travel’s sake because at the end of the day, it will bring a smile to your face.